Temple Lodging in Japan

Hints to make your shukubo stay more comfortable


Although there are some exceptions, you may find it difficult to make yourself understood in English at some shukubo lodgings. Especially, if you wish not only to stay as a lodger but also to experience esoteric training such as zazen, it is best if you are accompanied by a person with a good command of Japanese. Even if you are only staying as a lodger, it will be convenient if you have a Japanese conversation textbook for travelers. There are some shukubo where the priests and staff are so good at English that many foreign visitors come to stay.


Unlike ordinary hotels, a shukubo is a sacred place at a temple or a shrine. You do not have to be extremely formal, but you are supposed to refrain from speaking in a loud voice. Let's stay quiet. Also, the religious service conducted in the morning is neither a show nor entertainment. It is a place of worship. You should refrain from taking pictures as it may hinder the ritual.

Above all, enjoy shukubo!

Rather than thinking it difficult, why don't you come and stay at a shukubo just to enjoy Japanese culture? There are many charms in shukubo that you cannot find in ordinary tourist hotels, such as wooden architecture, a Japanese garden and the experience of zazen and shojin vegetarian cuisine, etc. It is a place where you can see, walk, place yourself in and feel through your body. If you wish to enjoy Japanese history and culture to the maximum extent, shukubo will be the best accommodation choice for your journey.