Temple Lodging in Japan

Japanese culture

Genki Japanese language school

NPO Japanese school offers fun classes in Japanese conversation, culture, and more! Only licensed teachers, many accommodation options, flexible schedules.


WAK JAPAN specializes in introducing everyday Japanese culture.

Japan Roads

Tours to Experience Japan's Cultural Diversity.

Let's travel around Japan

Japan has a history of 2,000 years at least. The old and the new come together in Japan.

Japanese Lesson & Walking Tour

New experience at the central Kyoto. Japanese Lesson & Walking Tour in Kyoto.

Japan art shopping

JUN Japanese Gifts Souvenirs

you can find items that are uniquely Japanese and Oriental.


Japanese traditional doll, bringer of good luck.

Absolute Japan

Japanese Geisha dolls, and some Japanese art.

Japanese Pottery.com

It is the Web gallery that collected Japanese ceramic art.

Japanese Buddhist Statuary

The A-to-Z Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Statuary.

Buddhist artwork

Online store selling fine handcrafted wood Buddha statues.


Japanese ceramic tableware.

Japanese food,drink


Genuine Japanese green tea shipped worldwide directly from Hibiki-an's tea farm in Uji, Kyoto, Japan.

Japan Traveler's diary

Japan Travel Photos

It is the photograph of all parts of Japan.

Kyoto Daily Photo

It is a photos of the street corner scenery of Kyoto.

Japan accommodation


It is an inn for backpackers in Narita.


International Guesthouse AZURE is located in Narita in Chiba.

Guest House BOLA-BOLA

Guest House BOLA-BOLA is located at the centerpoint of western Kyoto.


The guest house remodeled a Japanese old house in Kyoto. Every room is Japnese style, also there is Japnese style garden.


Yougendo is a traditional Japanese house in Nara.

Japan long stay


Borderless-tokyo is making an age restriction where only 20's can live in shared apartment.

Guest House Chofu Tokyo

Guest House Chofu Tokyo is single house type in a quiet residential area.


Oimachi,Nippori,Koenji,and Nakanosakaue.All rooms are single.


Sakura apartment is sharing apartment of Kyoto Machiya house.

Happy Habitat

"Happy Habitat" offers good-quality rooms for long term stay in Kyoto.


ORANGE HOUSE is a guest house in Osaka for English teachers, working holday makers,backpackers, people on business and Japanese residents.

Osaka English House

Osaka English House is a very unique residence for foreigners, where communal space is shared by foreigners and Japanese students.

japan traffic


123bus is specialized in providing daily night time bus services to many cities in Japan at very reasonable prices.

Japan Website Link

Jim Breen's Home Page

It is a collection of links of the Japanese information.

Best Japanese Websites

It is a collection of links of the Japanese information.


It is a Japan-affiliated collection of links.


It is a Japan-affiliated collection of links.