Temple Lodging in Japan

Oyado Suwa
TEL 026-254-2018 including 2 meals 9187 yen ~
Access "JR Nagano station" > (Kawanakajima bus) > "Hokosyagumae bus stop" > 1 minutes walk
Parking There is a parking lot

This is a shukubo of the Togakushi Shrine. It used to be called Enmei-in in ancient times. Inside the building is a Shinto altar dedicated to Kuzuryu-no-Okami, Togakushi-no-Okami, ujigami and Fudomyo-o (Cetaka). Prayers are taken place in this place and it is open to general public to come and pray.

Two plans are available for dinner: The buckwheat noodle plan, which offers dishes with handmade Togakushi noodles and the Enmei Sobazen plan that offers "Enmei Soba Yuzen," which includes grilled fish caught in Shinshu/Togakushi or shojin style "Enmei Soba Honzen." They also offer a reserved "Half outdoor bath with terrace" plan and a reserved "Family bath with Jacuzzi" plan. A dining bar is located inside the building and they serve various brands of Japanese sake, including local sake brewed in a cask made from the pillars of Togakushi Shrine. The sake and noodles tasted wonderful.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.