Temple Lodging in Japan

TEL 026-232-3027 including 2 meals 10,000 ~ 12,000 yen (Than two people)
Access "JR Nagano station" > bus or 20 minutes walk

I stayed here at the time when the principal image of Zenkoji-temple was open to the general public (this is only held once every seven years). As for the appearance of Kichizyo-in, bamboo branches stretching out at the front entrance served as the gate, which was very stylish. The room was clean and was equipped with a TV, air conditioning, yukata robes, towels and toothbrushes. I was able to attend the morning services and the kaidan tour as well as the guided tour of the precinct of Zenko-ji temple. There was a religious service in the shukubo as well before breakfast.

The food was basically shojin vegetarian cuisine but when I stayed there, shrimp tempura was added because it was an auspicious day on which the principle image was made open to the public. Every dish was homemade and was elaborately cooked. The people at the shukubo were also very nice and they accommodated us very well in spite of the fact that one of our members arrived late at night.

The manager of Kichizyo-in says, "Guests often tell me that they imagined an old and dark place, but this shukubo is really neat and fashionable. We would like to share a space where heartfelt services are provided in a warm atmosphere. Of course we guide you to Zenko-ji temple and take care of worshippers as we have been doing from ancient times." Inside the lodging, you can faintly smell the flowery fragrance of aroma oil and relax in an aroma milk bath.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.