Temple Lodging in Japan

TEL 026-232-3669 including 2 meals 10,500 ~ 15,750 yen.
Access "JR Nagano station" > bus or 20 minutes walk
Parking There is a parking lot
Time Check-in 15:00 Check-out 10:00
Room 8 guest room , max 80 people

This lodging is a shukubo of Zenko-ji temple and it has a good reputation for its special shojin vegetarian dishes. In addition to the regular shojin dishes such as sesame tofu, yuba, boiled wild vegetables with seasoning and cooked vegetables, they serve vivid dishes full of creativity, including mangetsu (full moon) with the image of Oyaki, a Shinshu specialty, minatoage (water port fried food) deep-fried ground lotus root and mochi-rice, Ishimochi-no-hana, in which ground Japanese yams laid underneath rice, etc. The fig tempura is juicy and sweet. Walnuts, beans and mushrooms steamed in sake were also nothing but tasty.

The shukubo building is neat and inn-like. The guestrooms are equipped with a TV set and air conditioning. Yukata robes, towels and toothbrushes are also provided. You will be guided to worship at Zenko-ji temple in the morning and participate in the grateful receiving of the juzu rosary in front of the main hall. You will also participate in the morning service inside the main hall following an explanation on the main hall interior and Zenko-ji temple after the kaidan tour. The shukubo staff members were also very kind. They taught me a lot of things.

One of the shukubo staff members said, "A shukubo is a facility that can be used by anyone who comes to worship at Zenko-ji temple. They are the temples of the priests who serve at the Zenko-ji temple. As you have this precious chance of visiting Zenko-ji temple, why don't you eat shojin vegetarian cuisine in the quiet room of a shukubo and pay a worship visit to Zenko-ji while listening to the shukubo's guide? I believe this will provide you with more memories of your Zenko-ji visit.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.