Temple Lodging in Japan

Mitsumine-Jinjya Kounkaku
TEL 0494-55-0241 including 2 meals 10,000 yen ~
Access "JR Yamanote line Ueno Station" > "JR Kumagaya station" >"Chichibu Railway "Mitsuminekuchi station" > (bus) > "Mitsumine-jinzya bus stop"
Parking There is a parking lot
Time Check-in 14:30 Check-out 09:30

This is a sacred place of mountain worship located at the top of Mount Mitsumine with an altitude of 1,100 m in the Chichibu mountain chain. The shukubo is made from reinforced concrete. It has a hot spring and you can bathe for 500 yen in this spring even if you are not a guest at the shukubo. The hot spring water contains sodium and chloride salt and the temperature is 32.5 Celsius. The hot spring is good for muscle aches, neuralgia, joint pains, and sensitivity to cold.

The shukubo is an older reinforced concrete building that looks like a school dormitory. It has a restaurant that serves light meals, so the facility itself is pretty good. However, as it is located deeper in the mountain than I expected, I was surprised at the presence of such a big building.

When we stayed there, all of the other guests were from a Buddhist group. We ate meals at a large hall. The people in the group and we were separated by a standing screen. Due to a lack of space, we were seated together with the bus drivers and the guides. Still, it was very quiet and the atmosphere was marvelously solemn.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.