Temple Lodging in Japan

Hida Senko-ji
TEL 0577-78-1021 including 2 meals 5,000 yen.
Access "JR Takayama station" > 20 minutes car
Parking There is a parking lot

This temple is located in the mountains a short distance from the town of Takayama, which is called little Kyoto in Hida and is famous for its old and beautiful scenery. In the precinct, there is a hall exhibiting the works of Enku, a Buddha image sculptor in the Edo period, who is said to have produced 120,000 statues in his life. Many of his works, which are roughly carved and yet have softness, catch people's hearts. What is most outstanding of all is his masterpiece called Ryomen-sukuna, a statue based on a legendary hero in the Hida area who was said to have two heads, four arms and four legs.

This Shukubo is not operated as a lodging business but as a Buddhist accommodation. Therefore, the meals are the same as the ascetic training monks. If you stay without meals or cook on your own, or if you stay for a longer time, the fee is cheaper. Spiritual care seminars of one or two nights are also available.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.