Temple Lodging in Japan

Engyo-ji Kaikan
TEL 0792-66-3240 including 2 meals 7,000 yen
Access "JR Himeji station" > (bus) > "Syosya Ropeway bus stop" > (Ropeway) > "Sanjyo"
Room max 110 people

This shukubo belongs to Engyo-ji, an old temple founded by Priest Seiku in 966 and is also known as Enryaku-ji in the West. In Engyo-ji, there are many halls such as Daikoudo, Jikido, Jougyodo, Gohodo and Juryoin, each of which is designated as an important cultural asset. It is a beautiful temple whose approach is surrounded by cedars and Japanese cypress. It is famous as the place where the movie, "Last Samurai" was shot.

Shukubo Engyoji-Kaikan is located half way on the approach and you can participate in zazen, shakyo (copying sutra by hand) and a Buddhism sermon. Single person stay is also possible.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.