Temple Lodging in Japan

Muryoko-in link
TEL 0736-56-2104 including 2 meals 9,450 ~ 12,600 yen
Access (cable) > "Koyasan" > (bus) > "Koya-Keisatsu-mae bus stop" > 5 minutes walk
Parking There is a parking lot
Room 30 guest room , max 300 people

It has been said that this temple was founded by Prince Kakuho, the fourth son of former Emperor Shirakawa. The temple was deeply related to the Oda family and they still undertake the management of the tomb of Nobunaga Oda.

I stayed at Muryoko-in during the New Year holidays. This shukubo features a full-fledged morning service and quiet time because they do not have TVs in the guestrooms.

The morning service was held for an hour and a half from 6:00 in the morning. Rishukyo sutra and Syomyo were chanted. According to a nun, it is only this temple that holds a formal service (not an abbreviated one) according to the policy of the head priest. There was not sutra chanting by general participants, but there was a ritual to dedicate a cup of warm water to the Kobo-Daishi statue one by one, which was quite new and interesting.

On this day, because there were many foreign visitors in groups, the head priest gave his lecture in English. There was also a nun who had a good command of English. It seems that they are used to foreign visitors. In addition, there was a young nun from Croatia. She was burning Goma at the time of the service. What an international temple!

I felt the room was too large for one guest. It was well equipped with a kotatsu heater and a fan heater. As there is no TV, you can spend a quiet night of shukubo. However, they have a room called the "TV Room" for those people who feel "I have nothing to do. I am bored." In the room, cups of tea, oranges and candies are provided and you can relax there. I was staying there for a while hoping to have a chance to talk with the other guests, but unfortunately, no one came.

They served shojin vegetarian cuisine for dinner, which was full of tofu, sesame tofu, cooked Koya-tofu and boiled tofu. In the morning, osechi (New Year foods) were served along with a bottle of hot sake. Did they intend to make it serve as toso (sake to celebrate the coming of a new year)? Or to make my body warm? It was a mystery, but I was grateful and left in a good mood.

The bath is clean and shampoo, towels and toothbrushes, etc., are provided. You should bring a bath towel.

This is an interesting shukubo having the solemnity of a temple and an international aspect. Young student priests took care of me. They were very polite and were very attentive, even to small matters. Comparing their behavior with mine, I reflected upon my daily life. A golden retriever will also come out to welcome you, so it is recommended for animal lovers.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.