Temple Lodging in Japan

TEL 075-561-8781 including breakfast 4,725 yen
Access "JR Kyoto station" > (bus) > "Sennyu-ji-michi bus stop"> 15 minutes walk.
Time Check-in 16:00 Check-out 10:00
Room 4 guest room , max 20 people

This is a shukubo located inside the precinct of Senyu-ji temple in southern Kyoto. The inside is as neat as an inn. I stayed in a 10-tatami mat room alone. It was equipped with a kotatsu heater. However, the room was only separated by sliding doors. Breakfast was excellent. There is only one bath, which is not segregated for men and women. It is a little larger than a home bath. It can be locked from the inside and so, a family or a group can bathe together. As only a cake of soap is available, you need to bring all necessary items such as towels and shampoo, etc.

From 7:00, they conduct morning service followed by a sermon. After chanting the Heart Sutra, the head priest gave a sermon (including the history of Hidain). Looking at the textbook of the Heart Sutra, I chanted with them. I did not have to return the textbook and so I felt I was lucky to have it. The head priest and his wife were nice and it was a comfortable place to stay.

Because the shukubo is located on a high plateau, it commands a nice view. You can enjoy the night view of Kyoto City. When I stayed there, I heard some sounds outside. Looking out, I saw fireworks in the sky in the north. Although they were far away and small, they gave me a sense of the beginning summer.

Sennyu-ji, Tofuku-ji, Fushimi-Inari-Taisya

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