Temple Lodging in Japan

Myoshin-ji Daishin-in
TEL 075-461-5714 including breakfast 4,700 yen
Access "JR Kyoto station" > (bus) > "Myoshin-ji-Mae bus stop" > 7 minutes walk
Time Check-in 15:00 Check-out 10:00
Room 10 guest room , max 50 people

This shukubo is located in the precinct of Myoshin-ji temple, which is famous for the Japanese garden called Aun-tei. The building is made of timber and allows you to feel that you are really staying in a temple. The room is large and is equipped with air-conditioning and a kotatsu heater. The rooms are separated from each other with sliding screens, so you cannot make too much noise. The bath and the lavatory are shared. They don't serve dinner. But you do not have to worry because there are a lot of restaurants around Hanazono station and near the north gate of Myoshin-ji temple. The lights-out time is 22:00.

The morning service was conducted in the main hall from six to seven. Basically, we just listened to a sermon. A textbook of the Heart Sutra was handed over and the priest gave us a sermon. In the middle of it, there was a time for us to chant the Heart Sutra in a loud voice. He talked for about an hour and half. At the end of the sermon, he talked about incense and gave each of us a piece. Although I felt sleepy early in the morning, I was moved by the religious service in the temple conducted in the natural morning light. It was an interesting experience that allowed me to feel the religious atmosphere that can only be found in a shukubo. This place is highly recommended.

The breakfast we ate after the service was really tasty. The rice was cooked in gas rice-cooker, the boiled vegetables were seasoned with sesame and the bouncy gluten, etc., tasted good and left a good impression. One feature of this lodging is that many foreign tourists were also staying there.

Myoshin-ji, Hokongoin, Koryu-ji, ToeiUzumasa-Eigamura, Ninna-ji

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