Temple Lodging in Japan

Cyoraku-ji Yugyo-an
TEL 075-532-2770 including breakfast 7,875 yen (Than two people)
including breakfast 8,400 yen (One)
Access "JR "Kyoto station" > (bus) > "Gion bus stop" > 1 minute walk

This is a shukubo of Choraku-ji temple and located in walking distance from the temple. It is close to Yasaka shrine and is conveniently located to walk around Gion, etc. You can worship at Choraku-ji temple for free (normally you have to pay 300 yen). Also, you can participate in shakyo (copying sutra by hand, a fee is charged), religious services in the morning and hiking. The curfew is 22:00.

The morning religious service starts from 7:00 in the morning. The head priest conducts it alone. If you have done shakyo (copying sutra by hand) on the previous day, he will dedicate it to Buddha and prays for you by chanting the Heart Sutra. We went hiking after the morning service, which was really refreshing. The view from the top of the mountain was really wonderful. Because Choraku-ji temple has a long history, it was really useful to listen to the head priest's explanations while we were touring the temple. I was able to see things that have not yet been opened to the public. Also, he had me hit the bell. The breakfast after the service was made by his wife and was really excellent. Including the homemade rice porridge, cooked radish, rolled egg, grilled eggplant with a tip of miso (dengaku), the dishes were rich in variety and truly tasty.

The room had all the necessary facilities. It was a new room equipped with a lavatory. A bath towel and a yukata robe were also provided in the room. Although there was no TV in the room, you can watch it in the lobby on the second floor. Next to the lobby, there are four individual shakyo rooms. This lodging is located in Gion, a good location only a one-minute walk from Yasaka shrine. This shukubo is highly recommended for people who would like to experience a religious service in a temple and yet enjoy Kyoto while staying in a comfortable and relaxing place.


Yasaka-jinzya, Gion, Kennin-ji, Maruyama-Park, Tyoraku-ji, Chion-in, Kodai-ji

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