Temple Lodging in Japan

Housen-ji ZEN Center
TEL 0771-24-0378 one night training on Saturday and Sunday 5,000 yen.
three nights four days 10,000 yen.
one month 80,000 yen
Access "JR Kyoto station" >"JR Mahori station" > 20 minutes walk

This temple offers full-fledged zen ascetic training experiences. Although attendance at the morning and evening zazen are mandatory, there are no restrictions during the day time. As it is close to Kyoto station, it is convenient for people who would like to go sightseeing as well as those who wish to experience zen.

Training of various periods from one night training on Saturday and Sunday to the short training program for three nights four days, as well as the long term training programs of 1 month or longer, are available at request. Those who wish to reflect on themselves apart from their present conditions, who wish to continuously practice zazen, who wish to seriously face the issues of their life, who need mental healing or who wish to advance to full-fledged ascetic training in a specialized dojo training hall as an Unsui (training monk) of the Rinzai sect can participate and practice zen according to their purposes.

What you should bring includes a sweat suit and samue, which is the work suit of a temple priest (clothing may become dirty from working in the fields, etc.), lavatory articles and a pair of sandals.

You are supposed to follow the zen temple manners when eating breakfast and dinner. You clean up the bowl as you eat. Be sure to leave a piece of pickle. In the end, pour hot water into the bowl and remove any residue, such as grains of rice, using this pickle. Then eat the pickle and drink the hot water. You may be puzzled in the beginning, but when you get used to it, it is rational. It was a bit of cultural shock for me but I found it interesting.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.