Temple Lodging in Japan

Shigisan Senjyu-in
TEL 0745-72-4481 including 2 meals 7,350 yen ~
Access "Kintetsu Railway Shigisan-shita station" > (cable) > "Shigisan" >10 minutes walk
Room 14 guest room , max 100 people

Shigisan Chogoson-ji temple is an old temple, which is said to have been founded by Prince Shotoku (574 to 622), who is said to be the father of Japanese Buddhism, to worship the image of Bishamonten that he carved himself. (However, the precise time and the history of the foundation have not been revealed.)

Senju-in is the oldest among all the temples here. Goma-do hall was opened by Priest Myoren and its religious light has been lit to date.

The shukubo is famous for its shojin vegetarian cuisine called Teppatsu, which was very delicious. When I ordered coffee after the meal, they served warabi-mochi (bracken-starch dumplings) in addition for free. The room was clean and the bath of mineral water was soothing to the skin. There was a beautiful garden as well.

As for the morning service, the head priest was conducting the Gomagyo prayer in front of the principal image, Bishamonten. It was impressive to see the worshippers stay close to each other chanting sutra in the small hall.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.