Temple Lodging in Japan

Shigisan Gyokuzo-in
TEL 0745-72-2881 including 2 meals 8,000 ~ 12,000 yen
Nun Experience Plan 8,000 ~ 14,000 yen
Access "Kintetsu Railway Shigisan-shita station" > (cable) > "Shigisan" >10 minutes walk
Room 44 guest room , max 250 people

Shigisan Chogoson-ji temple is an old temple, which is said to have been founded by Prince Shotoku (574 to 622), who is said to be the father of Japanese Buddhism, to worship the image of Bishamonten that he himself carved. (However, precise time and the history of the foundation have not been revealed.) Gyokuzo-in is located in the precinct mountain.

I took a taxi cab from Oji Station. It took about 15 minutes and cost 1,670 yen to the parking place below Gyokuzo-in. It was a clean and modern facility and the shukubo staff welcomed me politely. It was warm inside the room because of the air conditioning. There was a TV on the floor at the entrance. The door had a simple locking function and there was a safe in the room.

Food can be chosen from shojin vegetarian and kaiseki course. The shojin cuisine is traditional temple food mainly using sesame tofu, raw gluten and seasonal vegetables, while kaiseki course includes sashimi, tempura, and seasonal dishes.

The morning religious service starts from 3:00 in the Yokuyu-do followed by the Goma prayer from a little past five in the morning. From 6:00, they hold service in the main hall. You are free to participate in any of them. I went to the main hall after seeing the Goma prayer. I was able to see a field of clouds spreading beneath and the rising sun, which made me feel truly satisfied.

There is a Nun Experience Plan (8,000 yen /day, 14,000 yen /one night two days) as well. So, if you wish, you can participate in the ascetic training for nuns.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.