Temple Lodging in Japan

Yoshinosan Kizo-in
TEL 07463-2-0575 without meals 2,800 ~ 3,200 yen
including breakfast 3,400 ~ 3,800 yen
including 2 meals 4,400 ~ 4,800 yen
Access "Kintetsu Railway Yoshino station" > (Ropeway) > "Yoshinosan" >15 minutes walk
Room 15 guest room , max 70 people

This temple is located in Yoshino which prospered as a sacred place of Shugendo. Also, a famous scholar of Confucism, Banzan Kumazawa lived here in the mid Edo period.

This is a youth hostel, but I was able to have the room all to myself because there were not so many guests when I stayed there in the beginning of June. The building, room and the big common bath were pretty clean and I was able to stay comfortably. The room was a tatami mat room equipped with a TV set, an electric kettle and a tea pot & cups, and looked like a decent inn.

I had meals upstairs with the other guests. It was good for the price, which was 1,050 yen. It included deep-fried chicken, sausage saute, salad, cooked fried tofu and radish, miso soup and cooked rice. The breakfast included fried egg with ham, salad, cooked rice and miso soup.

Each guest must fold/unfold their futon mattress/duvet on his or her own. The door had a locking function (in spite of the fact that it was a sliding door). A training monk from overseas kindly carried my luggage. People there were very kind.

KinpuSen-ji, Yoshimizu-jinzya, Nyoirin-ji, Chikurin-in

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.