Temple Lodging in Japan

Yoshinosan Tonan-in
TEL 07463-2-3005 including 2 meals 10,000 yen ~
Access "Kintetsu Railway Yoshino station" > (Ropeway) > "Yoshinosan" >15 minutes walk
Room 12 guest room , max 130 people

This is a shukubo located near Zao-do, Mount Omine, Gojiin temple.

I walked the Yoshino/Omine route. I participated in a Rengenyubu event (to enter Mount Omine with a religious purpose) sponsored by Ominesan-ji temple, therefore it was training and not sightseeing. Just then, the Kii Mountain Range was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so the timing was right.

We stayed at Yoshino Tonan-in. We got up at 2:30. We started in the darkness and walked the 24 km distance to Sanjogadake. We followed the mountain priests and stopped at the temples where we blew conch horns and chanted sutra.

The Okugake Road was extremely steep. We conducted "syugyo (ascetic training)" in some training spots. We climbed rocks at Kanekakeiwa rock and were hung in a rope from the cliff at Nishi-no-Nozoki. Women are not allowed to enter the mountain top. Here we stayed at Tonan-in. (There is a shukubo of the same name on the mountain top.) The sake we had on the mountain was especially good. As I was very tired, I fell asleep completely at 19:00.

The next day, we went down to Dokawa and welcomed three governors from Mie, Nara and Wakayama prefectures. So, we were part of the World Heritage scenery. We went back to Yoshino and greeted Zao Gongen, followed by farewell party at Tonan-in. It was truly a wonderful experience.

KinpuSen-ji, Yoshimizu-jinzya, Nyoirin-ji, Chikurin-in

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