Temple Lodging in Japan

Shippotaki-ji Hakuunkaku
TEL 0724-59-7043 (shukubo)
0724-59-7101 (takigyo)
without meals 3,000 yen ~
Access "JR Hineno station" > (bus) > "Inunakiyama bus stop"

Hakuunkaku is a shukubo located in Shippotaki-ji temple of Mount Inunaki, a sacred place of Shugendo. In the Shippotaki-ji temple, they hold various ascetic training events and general people can participate. Also, many things regarding Shugendo are exhibited at the Shugendo Kaikan hall.

If you wish to conduct takigyo training, tell them at the reception at the main hall. They will give you the key to the locker room. If you wish to participate in the takigyo ascetic training of the monks of Shippotaki-ji, you have to inform them beforehand. The takigyo training is held on the second Sunday every month.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.