Temple Lodging in Japan

Enmanin-Monzeki Sanmitsuden
TEL 077-522-3690 without meals 4,725 yen.
including 2 meals 9,135 yen
Access "JR Ohtsu station" > (bus) > "Miidera-Enmanin bus stop" > 3 minutes walk
Parking There is a parking lot
Time Check-in 13:00 Check-out 11:00
Room 18 guest room , max 150 people

This is one of the seventeen monzeki temples in Japan. A monzeki temple means a high-class temple that has been succeeded by loyal family members for generations. Things to see, such as Shinden, an important cultural asset and the Ohtsu Museum, are also good. Especially, the "Hohi Gassen Emaki" (Flatulence Competition Picture Scroll) in which dumb demons have a flatulence competition housed in Ohtsu Museum, is really fun to see.

The shukubo is used by various people, from people traveling alone to students on school trips or for training camps by sports clubs. If you wish, you will be able to eat shojin vegetarian cuisine. Also, they offer a variety of experience plans including zazen, shakyo (copying sutra by hand), shabutsu (copying a Buddha image), tosenkyo (fan throwing game) and priest and nun courses. The Japanese garden made by Souami is called the Excellent Garden of Mitsui. It is even depicted in One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets, an old anthology of famous Japanese verses. It is close to Kyoto and so is at a convenient location for sightseeing as well.

On arriving at the shukubo, I was surprised at the size of the reinforced concrete, three-storey building and the rooms inside. Although I was the only guest, the room was 12 tatami mats in size and was equipped with a refrigerator, a television, an AM/FM radio, a bathroom, air conditioning and a gorgeous feather duvet. The shojin vegetarian cuisine was very tasty and rich in variety and volume. Because shampoo and conditioner are not available, you should bring them. They have vending machines selling beer inside the building.

I was the only one that participated in the morning service, but I felt that I improved my sutra chanting after doing it with the priest in a loud voice. After breakfast, I practiced zazen, which I had reserved the previous day (800 yen for guests). Although I felt nervous as it was my first time, the interesting experience offered by the priest made me relaxed. After he made his explanation, the priest left me alone and I was relaxed in a world of silence. After zazen, I was able to tour around the garden and the Ohtsu Museum. It was as if I had had the place to myself! I was able to feel refreshed mentally as well as physically. This shukubo is beneficial to people on long journeys.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.