Temple Lodging in Japan

Sanbutsu-ji Kaizyo-in
TEL 0858-43-2882 including 2 meals 7,000 ~ 9,000 yen
Access "JR Kurayoshi station" > (40 minutes bus) > "Mitokusan-ji-mae bus stop"
Parking There is a parking lot

This is a shukubo of Sanbutsuji which is famous for Nageire-do, a special construction which is said to have been thrown into a cliff by a practitioner and stuck there. The Mitoku tofu, which is also called Bijo (beautiful lady) tofu, is especially famous. The surface of this tofu is uneven and not neat in its appearance but it tastes like soybeans. Ryotaro Shiba, a giant of historical novels, praised it to the sky in his essay, "Kaido wo Iku".

Also, you are able to participate in zazen, shakyo (copying sutra by hand) and climb Mount Mitoku in the costume of a practitioner as Yamabushi/Shugendo experience (fee: 7,500 yen) Also, climbers should pay attention to the safety as the route to Nageire-do is pretty steep.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.