Temple Lodging in Japan

The 12th stage of Pilgrimage, Syozan-ji
TEL 088-677-0112 including 2 meals 6,000 yen
(open March ~ May , September ~ November)
Access "JR Tokushima station" > 90 minutes bus
Room 10 guest room , max 50 people

Syozan-ji temple is located on the top of a mountain and is a tough point called "Henro Korogashi" (Rolling the Pilgrims). It is located at the end of the slope from the 11th stage, Fujii-dera temple. After I managed to reach the temple and saw the mountains and greenery stretching out far and wide, I naturally felt like taking a deep breath.

The guestroom was an eight tatami mat room. When it is crowded, you will have to share a room with others. When I visited, it was not very crowded, so I was able to use the room by myself. It was cool on the mountain. Although the room has no air conditioner, it has an electric fan. A yukata robe is also provided.

The meals are served in the room. Maybe it was because I was hungry after walking in the mountain, but the cooked rice was so delicious and I even asked for another bowl. Also, you can order beer and/or sake at meal time.

They conduct religious services starting at 6:00 in the morning. On some days, they do and on others, they don't, it seems. Unfortunately, they did not do it when I stayed there. There is a road from the back of the shukubo to Oku-no-In. On the way, there is a rock cave in which Kobo-Daishi confined a big snake. It is impressively large.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.