Temple Lodging in Japan

The 26th stage of Pilgrimage, Kongotyo-ji
TEL 0887-23-0026
Access "JR Kouchi station" > 120 minutes bus > 60 minutes walk
Parking There is a parking lot
Room max 100 people

In Houmotsu-kan, it is possible to see many important cultural assets, including traveling goods, Buddha statues and religious tools. Also, there is a legendary rice cooker, which was able to turn one grain of rice into 10,000 grains when used by Kobo-Daishi according to the legend.

This shukubo was the best I have ever stayed at so far. The room was clean and the facilities, such as the bath and the washing machine, were complete. As small as it was, I was able to use a room all to myself and the meal was also gorgeous. I was impressed by the good sense of the priest's wife who prepared it. It seems that the room across from mine was large and had a good view. It was used by people on group tours. The morning service was conducted in the main hall, which was connected to the shukubo by a corridor. We chanted the Heart Sutra three times so that all the participants could chant together in harmony.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.