Temple Lodging in Japan

The 38th stage of Pilgrimage, Kongohuku-ji
TEL 08808-8-0038 including 2 meals 5,775 yen
Access "Tosa-Kuroshio Railway Nakamura Station" > 120 minutes bus
Parking There is a parking lot
Room max 120 people

This is a temple located on Cape Ashizuri and its main building is made of Japanese cypress. It is used as the shukubo. They provide private Japanese-style rooms where you can quietly relax. The additional portion is a reinforced concrete building, but the dining area is inside the older building. The meals were also good.

Both the head priest and the assistant head priest were present at the morning service and they made a sermon as well. That was what I was waiting for. It was a shukubo with a very familiar atmosphere as I saw the assistant priest taking the temple dog for a walk and the head priest having dinner with a can of beer in his hand.

In the area surrounding this temple, there are many places to visit., such as Cape Ashizuri-misaki, the Ashizuri Subtropical Natural Botanical Garden, Hakusan Domon and the John Man House, etc. It is recommended to arrive early and walk around the neighborhood.

Please confirm the latest information at the time of lodging.